Quality Koala Cuddle Time 

Quality Koala Cuddle Time 

Today Luke and I visited Featherdale Wildlife Park and the Blue Mountains. If you’re scratching your head and wondering if you read that right and two adults went to a zoo, well, yes. But it’s not just a zoo! Is a hands-on wildlife experience where you can actually feed and touch many of the animals. The cost is $31 (Australian) per adult but you can find deals in guidebooks. We actually had a coupon for 20% off one adult entry and forgot to use it. The pakay (cheap) part of me can’t quite get over missing a deal. The rest of me says it was totally worth every penny. And honestly, it was. This experience has been the highlight of our trip thus far and if you’re ever in Australia you absolutely must go. 

My main goal was to cuddle a koala which happened within just a few minutes after being in the park. That was followed by a feeding and petting session with kangaroos and wallabies. They literally let you walk right into their living area.

At various times throughout the day they offer feeding times which can be viewed by the public. We caught the penguin feeding and my heart nearly melted. These little guys are so cute! One of the little fellows swore Luke was a zookeeper and kept running up to him with his mouth open.

img_4200This particular trip was especially exciting because there were so many baby animals (joeys). I was reading a plaque reviewing the birthing process of kangaroos when Luke calls me over because one of the kangaroos kept sticking her head in her pouch. She was pregnant! During the gestation period, kangaroos meticulously clean their pouch to prepare for their young. That was exciting enough but it got even better when we passed the yellow-footed rock wallabies. If you look closely at the photo you can see a little joey peeking out of the pouch and enjoying a snack. We also got to see a litter of dingo pups which were the most adorable things ever. They were so uncoordinated when they walked and kept falling over.

Even after we left I couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we had. If you’re in Australia, do not miss out on this amazing experience!

Hint: The gift shop is way overpriced. We bought a stuffed koala for Baby T and found one for almost half the price at Scenic World in Blue Mountains National Park a few hours later.


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