About Me


I’ve always enjoyed writing and have wanted to blog for years. But blog writing always seemed so egocentric. “Hi, I’m going to write all about me and let you all read it!” It’s for that very reason I haven’t done it. But sometimes I just want to write about the random things going on in my life. So, here they are, written down for everyone, or no one, to read.

I am a Cali girl who moved to Hawaii and is now landlocked in Idaho. In many way, a bit of my heart belongs in all of those places but I resonate the most with Hawaii. It’s there that I met and married my husband and in 2017 we were blessed with an adorable little girl. (Seriously, she was even cute as a newborn!) I love my Heavenly Father, family, food, fashion and fitness, in that order. I also love to travel. You’ll see a bit of all of that on here.

If you like what you read you can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @RobynJTucker.


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