Giving The Cold Shoulder

Giving The Cold Shoulder

It’s been a while since I blogged anything fashion related, mostly since I’m not in the fashion industry anymore and it feels odd to write about it. It’s also a lot harder to take photos with an infant rolling (or scooting!) around. But I purchased this top recently and it’s just way too cute not to write about. And who can resist taking a photo with a little chunky baby?

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Hello 2017!

I am always impressed with people who approach the new year with inspiration, commitments and resolutions. I certainly love the idea of pages turning, clocks resetting and goals outlined in detail. However, I rarely set New Year’s Resolutions, at least not in any formal format. I certainly think about the things that have transpired and contemplate the upcoming 12 months but I can’t recall the last time I sat down and outlined goals for the year.   Continue reading “Hello 2017!”

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

I love fall. It’s probably my favorite season. I mean, what’s not to love? Pumpkin, good. Apples, good. Thanksgiving, good! Fall also brings that wonderful in-between weather (at least for most places) where you can break out the sweaters, scarves and boots without having to face any real cold. Or if you live in Hawaii, you just wear the sweater even if there isn’t any sign of cold at all.  Continue reading “Fall Colors”

Shopping the Sale

Despite my best efforts at avoiding Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale they found a way to lure me in. Of course it doesn’t help when you work at the mall and you have an hour and a half to kill before picking up your husband. Couple that with the $10 Nordstrom Note I received via email and shopping was the only logical outcome. Of course $10 doesn’t go very far and I can do a lot of damage in an hour and a half. Fortunately I exercised a little restraint and limited myself to just a handful of my favorite departments. There were literally entire sections of the store I didn’t even venture into!  Continue reading “Shopping the Sale”

The Short of It

It’s been awhile since I posted anything about fashion. Most of it just comes down to time. I really don’t know how these ladies get dressed, take pictures, blog and go about every day life. Where do they find the time? Ironically, our bible study this week is about priorities and I know that there is always time in the day to do everything God wants me to do. The important thing is to align ourselves with his plan and purpose for our lives. When we do that, we never fall short. Continue reading “The Short of It”

Going the Warby Way

Confession, I wear contacts. Actually I think everyone already knew that. Confession #2, I am cheap. Okay you knew that too. The point is, glasses cost so much and I wear contacts 99% of the time. I just can’t justify buying new glasses that I only wear for 30 minutes a day while brushing my teeth and crawling into bed. However, the prescription I have is so outdated I might as well not wear them. I certainly can’t drive with them. (I tried and it was scary. Very scary.) But every time I convince myself I need to buy a  new pair I see the price tag and change my mind. You see, it appears I have expensive taste. I was perusing glasses the other day while I waited for my eye appointment to begin and the two I liked turned out to be Salvatore Ferragamo and Coach. So I’m back to the wearing my old glasses. Continue reading “Going the Warby Way”