Barrenjoey Lighthouse 

Barrenjoey Lighthouse 

Tomorrow will be a busy day so today we decided to keep things restful and relaxing. On our drive to Cronulla yesterday we spotted a cute cafe not far from where we are staying and decided to venture there for breakfast. Belle Petite Cafe is a hole in the wall gem offering a delicious selection of breakfast and lunch items. Luke ordered an avocado mash and I indulged in a ham and cheese croissant the size of my head! 

After breakfast we took a trip with our host to Barrenjoey Lighthouse at Palm Beach. Built in 1881, this lighthouse is an iconic attraction. While it’s only open for tours on Sundays, you can do the hike any day you like. The views from the top are spectacular and depending on the time of year, you may spot a whale or two. There are actually two paths to the top. I recommend staying on the paved path to the left for the ascent and then coming down the stairs. Regardless you’ll get a bit of a workout.

Along Palm Beach there are several places to eat. We stopped for a snack at The Boathouse Palm Beach which is a short walk from the entrance to the lighthouse hike. Luke ordered the Quinoa & Coconut Bircher. It’s basically quinoa with coconut yogurt and citrus fruits. It may sound odd but tasted absolutely divine! I had a mango smoothie which was also quite delectable, although more comparable to a milkshake than a smoothie. I was also finally able to get a picture of one of the colorful birds!

I love how friendly everyone is here in Australia. We had such wonderful chats with the staff at both places we dined at today. Of course being from Hawaii is an automatic conversation starter. Tomorrow we are off to Featherdale Wildlife Park for some quality koala cuddle time!


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