Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

You can’t really have a baby shower without games but trying to come up with creative ideas can leave you frustrated. Hopefully these ideas will make planning a little easier. I typically suggest two individual, sit down games and one active or group game that gets people moving and interacting. And don’t forget the prizes! Choose items that are the guest of honor’s favorite things (i.e.: candies, colors, etc.) or grab things that fit the theme. Give the games an extra touch by making sure any printed materials match the theme as well. Happy planning! (And if you need other ideas, feel free to comment! I have more.) Continue reading “Baby Shower Games”


Happy Independence Day

The 4th of July is one of my busiest and longest work days. This year involved three Centerstage performances, five TV interviews, 17+ hours of work and 20 minutes of glorious fireworks all in one day. And that doesn’t include the three days of interviews, performances and events leading up to yesterday. Oh please don’t let that sound like complaining. I loved every minute of those 17 hours! Planning this event is a privilege and knowing that it is the center of 50,000+ people’s 4th of July tradition warms my heart. But I would do it for only one. I would do it to see the awestruck smile spread across just one face as the first firework explodes over our heads. Continue reading “Happy Independence Day”

Storybook Baby Shower

I had the privilege of being a part of another baby shower this past Saturday. My friend Lauren is having a baby boy next month and we threw her a storybook theme shower to celebrate this precious new life. Someone mentioned that she enjoyed soft colors so I opted with mint green with blue and yellow accents. Little did I know those were her wedding colors! She’s also decorating the baby’s room in comparable tones. Sometimes you just hit the nail on the head blindfolded. Continue reading “Storybook Baby Shower”

Sunshine & Lemonade

I’ve wanted to throw a Sunshine & Lemonade themed baby shower for years. I got the idea from a friend who used it for her daughter’s one-year birthday party and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Last weekend I finally had the chance. My friend Lori is expecting baby Luke in less than a month and it was such a pleasure to celebrate the day with her!

What’s great about this theme is you can easily adjust it for a boy, girl or a shower where you don’t know the gender. We made it baby boy friendly with light blue accents – chevron table runners, sheer ribbon around the mason jars, striped straws. The decor also included a photo backdrop, mason jar & lemon centerpieces and a fabric garland which I blogged about a few months ago. If you are trying to think of a shower theme feel free to use this one!

Special thanks to photographer Lynnea Kalinowski with Lifenlight Photography for capturing these moments.