The Birthday Bug

The Birthday Bug

I’ve been planning Olivia’s first birthday for weeks. Correction, I’ve been planning it since before I even knew I was pregnant but the actual prep and crafting has really only been the last month or so. I’ve made signs by hand, punched paper flowers to make a lei-like garland to hang about the room, wrapped chopsticks & forks in napkins with little gold pineapples tied in twine, and the list goes on. I even wrapped her presents in a paper which complemented the gold and dusty pink color scheme. I also splurged on an adorable baby doll dress with gold polka dots from Nordstrom. What I didn’t prepare for was Olivia getting a little stomach bug. I thought it was something she ate as she only threw up twice (Wednesday and Thursday night) but was acting completely normal. I reevaluated my diagnosis when I started kneeling before the porcelain throne today. I must have thrown up at least ten times. 

The good news is I am not writing this from the floor of the bathroom which means I am doing 100 times better than I was this morning. The bad news is we had to postpone Olivia’s party. We weren’t doing anything big as it’s too cold to go outside and our home isn’t large enough for a huge group. However, that doesn’t mean I was skimping on the decor and prep.

I’ll admit, I was pouting a little. But in the context of eternity, her party being two weeks later isn’t the end of the world. And when it really comes down to what is important, I have a happy and healthy (well, in general!) baby girl who is almost one! She has turned my life upside down in such an amazing way which I could never have anticipated. This year has been full of laughter, tears, humility, firsts, fear, and faith. And it is only the beginning.


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