The Comparison Game

The Comparison Game

The other day I was at my wit’s end with Olivia and her napping (or rather, lack thereof) and I looked at Luke in desperation. “How do they do it?” I cried. “How do all these moms make it look so easy?” He laughed, of course, and reminded me people probably say that about us. (How do they do it? Their daughter is 5 months old and they travel with her!) 

It’s easy to look at social media or read blogs and think everyone else’s life is perfect and full of adventure. But the reality is we all have those not-so-great days. We just don’t necessarily share that with everyone. Yes, there are days I manage to put on a trendy outfit, feed my daughter without getting avocado on my chambray shirt, take her on a hike, get her home for a nap, actually get her to nap, cook dinner for my family and the new mom in my MOPS group, read my bible, pray for everyone on my list, blog about said hike, and then squeeze in a little homework or craft project. But there are also days when just making it to Costco is my big accomplishment. And many days I am just thrilled she took a nap longer than 36 minutes. Those days, of course, don’t make it on the blog and I definitely didn’t Instagram a picture of myself at Costco. (#CostcoLife.)

It’s so easy to play the comparison game. Whose child is cuter or smarter? Who has the best career? Who is totally killing it at being a mom? Whose husband is…? But God designed each of us uniquely and it doesn’t do anyone any good to compare their gifts, accomplishments, or even failures with others. I have been created in His image and likeness – avocado on my shirt and all – and the only thing I should be comparing myself to is His Word. So how do you win the comparison game? If you figure it out, please share. In the meantime, the best solution I have found is to shift your eyes from others and turn them to Christ. It’s a work in progress, but also a work toward contentment.


8 thoughts on “The Comparison Game

  1. Every child is unique … forget comparing … enjoy the differences … and when you’re at your wits’ end, share with another parent, if your experiences are anything like ours, they’ll be HAPPY and GLAD to know they’re
    not the only ones with ‘challenges’. Lots of Love and IMUA! ‘Auntie Peg’

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  2. Amen, sister. It’s not that easy. I was thinking about it this week…what part of our normal lives should we share so that other people don’t mistake us for having it all together. I think the best we can do is in our blog by writing about real life, feelings, reactions, failures… it makes you more relatable. I’m working on it, too. Keep writing!

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  3. Girl, you have to realize people only share the awesome things about their kids. You KNOW I’m guilty of this. Never forget your are an amazing mother, you have an amazing partner in Luke, and you’re doing a fabulous job. I remember how wonderful you were with Hayley and Maddy, and I have no doubt you’re kicking butt at this mom thing! I love you sweetie!

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  4. Then advice my sister in Christ received from her mom was “stop thinking about yourself”. I’ve been saying this lately when I feel insecure and it’s fantastic haha I become more grateful and think of others and God instead


  5. I’ve struggled with the comparison game for so long. Even before having a kid! I would always struggle with comparing my physical appearance, how cute my house was, etc. I recently read a book called Seated With Christ that brought me a lot of healing in this area and reminded me that my identity is in Christ and none of that other stuff that I put so much stock in. It’s always nice to know I’m not the only one with that struggle 🙂


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