Life Hack: How to Pit a Cherry

Life Hack: How to Pit a Cherry

I visited a friend yesterday and was sent home with two grocery bags full of fresh picked cherries from her mother’s tree. Even after setting some aside to share with friends & family, there was no way Luke and I would be able to eat them all before they went bad. I decided a cherry pie was in order. 

The most labor intensive part of making a cherry pie is pitting the cherries. We had a cherry tree in our backyard when I was a child so I’m sure I’ve done it before. However, I had no recollection of the best way to go about this and decided to consult Chef Google. The best options I found were to use a chopstick or frosting tip to push the pit out. Lots of cherry juice and smashed cherries later, I decided cutting the cherry in half and digging the pit out with my fingers was more effective. Of course that got old after just a few minutes. “There has got to be a better way!” I thought to myself, glancing around my kitchen. And there is! Enter the reusable straw.

How to Pit a Cherry 

  1. Remove the stem from your cherry.
  2. Using one end of a reusable plastic straw, puncture the top of the cherry where the stem was located.
  3. Flip the cherry over and press the straw firmly into the bottom of the cherry.
  4. Voilà! The pit will pop out of the “top” where the stem was previously located.

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