Exploring Idaho: Bike Park & Bowls

Exploring Idaho: Bike Park & Bowls

There is an entire list of things Luke and I want to explore in Idaho. However, with only 52 weekends in the year minus those allocated for travel, Luke’s work trips, winter (brr!), and normal weekend commitments, there just aren’t enough days to do it all. However, I have all week! And so I’ve decided to do some exploring on my own. And by my own I mean with Olivia and girlfriends.

Today three of my friends with littles in tow decided to do a morning hike. Located in Eagle, Idaho on N Horseshoe Bend Road just north of E Floating Feather Road is the 250+ acre Eagle Bike Park with more than seven miles of snaking trails connected to the Boise Foothills Trail system. While the trails are intended for bikers, they make great walking or jogging paths as well. It was also the perfect day for a hike – sunny and clear with enough of a breeze to keep you from sweating.

After our hike we jumped back in the car and headed to Bowl of Heaven on the corner of S Eagle Road and W State Street. There we enjoyed in an array of amazing acai bowls. They also serve smoothies and other healthy, dairy-free beverages and treats. I went with the North Shore Original, of course. For just a moment I had a little taste of Hawaii – a morning outdoors (sans the beach!) followed by an acai bowl.



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