From Family to Friends

From Family to Friends

I have been blessed with some amazing friendships, some of which were very unexpected. It’s always special when you realize a person you call a friend has become more like a member of your family. During my time in Hawaii, when I didn’t have any immediate blood relatives nearby, these relationships were even more critical.

Now, not only do I live near family but being on the mainland makes traveling to visit the rest even easier. In fact, Luke and I just returned from Michigan where we spent nearly a week with my side of the family. My brother, sister and I have not been all together in the same state, let alone room, in nearly 10 years. Since then we have added three spouses and four children (with more to come, I’m sure!). Sitting at the table surrounded by my siblings and their spouses, niece, nephews, husband, daughter, mother and aunt was such an answer to prayer.

One night, after all the kiddos were asleep and my mother had retired to her home for the evening, the six of us stayed awake for several hours just talking and laughing. As I stumbled into the bed that evening my eyes were heavy but my heart was very full. I realized that after years of being family, my siblings had become my friends.


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