Three Wonderful Years 

Three Wonderful Years 

Today Luke and I celebrate three wonderful years of marriage! I am so thankful for this man who truly does strive to love me as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5) and challenges me to be more like our Lord.  While our marriage isn’t perfect (How can it be when two sinners say, “I do”?), I am incredibly blessed by his heart, friendship, and partnership and this amazing life we share together.

These past few years have been such a great adventure. We’ve traveled together, cried together, laughed together (and at each other!) and grown in so many ways. Since we’re celebrating three years I thought it would be fun to pick my favorite three moments. It turned out that was impossible so I decided to do ten. And as if to reiterate how perfect we are, I was in the middle of this post when Luke brings me a homemade anniversary card. Inside were post-it notes (that’s kind of his thing) with his top five favorite moments over the last three years.

I love you Luke! Here’s to many more years, and even more favorite moments, together!

Our Wedding, the Honeymoon Games & Swimming with Dolphins
I can’t count my favorite moments without counting the one that started them all! We went to Lanai for our honeymoon. My absolute favorite moment was when we swam with the dolphins at Manele Bay but I don’t have a photo of that.

Picnic in a Park
Luke planned an afternoon picnic at a park along the beach. We played cribbage and watched the sunset. It was perfect.

Italy was our first international trip together. There are so many amazing moments but the most memorable was getting lost in Milan in our rental car and receiving a ticket in the mail over a year later! Luke’s favorite memory was eating a sandwich from a street vendor while sitting on the steps of the duomo. IMG_7515.JPG

Our Tiny Home
For the first 2.75 years of our marriage we lived in a tiny studio in Hawaii. We used to make pizza and share a TV tray as a table. Often we would just sit on the floor and play Settlers of Catan. I may have thrown the board at him a few times when I lost.

Koala Cuddles
Australia represents the spontaneity in our marriage. When we found out we were pregnant we decided to do a last-minute trip and we settled on Australia. We had such a wonderful time there but my favorite part of the trip was when I got to cuddle a koala. img_4174-1.jpg

Expanding our Nest
I loved that we started our family in Hawaii, even if our sweet girl was born in Idaho.Annoucement Photo with Date.JPG

Our goal is to do one international trip a year. In February 2016 we went to Japan and Singapore. There was something whimsical about strolling around the streets of Kyoto.

Scouring for Beach Glass 
We loved spending time at the beach and searching for beach glass was one of my favorite things to do. This collection was found along the rocks near our hotel on Big Island where we celebrated our second anniversary.IMG_3195

I love baseball and Luke is the reason I do. Not because I was trying to like something he liked but because he took time to teach me the game.Baseball 2016 (3)

Sunset Strolls
Luke and I loved walking around Kapiolani Park and watching the sunset. Strolls at that time of day are one of his favorite things.


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