I Needed a Fix

I’ve spent my entire professional career in some form of retail which means I’ve literally had shopping at my fingertips for as long as I can remember. I didn’t realize what a convenience that was until I moved to Idaho. Not only did I leave the world’s largest open-air shopping center where nearly ever brand a girl could dream about was steps away but I now have to intentionally drive to a mall to shop. And with a little one in tow it makes that journey much more challenging. The result? I hadn’t done any real shopping in two months and was having withdrawals. I was in desperate need of a fix. 

Several of my friends have used Stitch Fix and I decided to give it a go. For those of you who don’t know, Stitch Fix is a service which sends you five articles of clothing based on a style profile completed online. There is a $20 styling fee but it goes toward any purchases you make from the box. You can also receive 25% off if you purchase all five items. Here’s what I received in my first two Fixes.


Fix #1

I didn’t keep anything from this box which means I forfeited my $20 styling fee. All of the tops were too big or had a silhouette that just wasn’t ideal for my body type. I loved the rose color of the Lace Detailed Blouse but it was not flattering on. The Fix also came with a gold bracelet (not shown) but I had one exactly like it from Banana Republic. The Just Black Distressed Skinny Jeans fit perfect but I wasn’t a fan of the frayed hem. It flared out a bit from my leg and the length wasn’t quite right so I just couldn’t justify keeping them for the cost.


Fix #2

The stylist for this Fix did a much better job of encompassing my style, at least as far as the tops were concerned. Unfortunately, she did too good of a job. The Cargo Vest and Cross Front Striped Top fit perfect but I literally have three striped tops, a striped blazer, and an olive green vest, over shirt and asymmetrical jacket in my closet already. I couldn’t justify keeping them. I did keep the Split Neck Floral Top, however, and have gotten several compliments on it already. The Fix also came with a pair of Cognac Perforated Booties (not shown) which were fantastic but I have a pair strikingly similar from Banana Republic. They were also a size too big. The jeans just fit terribly.



Luke recommends a sample size of three before making any final decisions regarding an ongoing relationship with Stitch Fix and I still have one more to go. But here are my thoughts thus far:

  1. Stitch Fix scores a 10 on presentation. The items are beautifully wrapped, you receive a personalized note from a stylist, and each item comes with suggestions on how to create two different looks.
  2. If you have a lot of clothing already it may not be for you. As you can see, four out of my ten items were too similar to things I already owned to justify making the purchase.
  3. If you don’t like to shop, don’t have time, or want to branch out of your style box, then it’s a great service! You are going to pay a little more per item for the convenience of not having to set foot in a mall  but it’s worth it. My challenge is I actually enjoy shopping for myself (or others!).
  4. The items you receive are all created specifically for Stitch Fix which is a bit of a negative for me as I like to shop particular brands. The quality of the merchandise appears decent, however.


A Real Fix

Since these two boxes didn’t quite scratch my shopping itch, Luke took me to Nordstrom Rack. They were closing in 20 minutes so I didn’t get to do as much damage as I would have liked, but I did manage to find the pair of distressed jeans I really wanted. (Paired below with the Split Neck Floral Top from Stitch Fix. I also purchased a pair of faded black jeans with a side accent zipper and a flannel top which will be perfect for the cooler Boise weather. I dressed it up with an oversized cardigan from Guess and my favorite pair of Nordstrom booties but it’ll also be perfect to lounge around the house in.


2 thoughts on “I Needed a Fix

  1. You look amazing!
    I can remember my first shopping trip after Natalie. I had lost my weight & Nate took me to Ann Taylor & held Natalie. I got clothes that made me feel fabulous! Now I pretty much stick to $5 T’s and call it minimalism!lol But getting new clothes is what I am looking forward to the most when I go back to work in the next phase of my life!


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