Shut the Front Door!

Shut the Front Door!

We’ve lived in Boise for two and half months. Time has flown by. It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of having a daughter. In some ways it seems as if she has been with us forever. There are so many things I like about living on the mainland: winter apparel (boots!), a four bedroom house that costs me just a little more than the studio I had in Hawaii, more options for travel, and being near family. But I will admit, last week I was feeling a little down. You see, today is my birthday and I’m very far away from the people I would normally celebrate with. While I try to always look on the positive side, my heart was heavy. Little did I know, my husband had quite the surprise for me. 

Friday night was our first night in our new home and we planned to spend the three-day weekend getting settled in. I’d pretty much decided not to celebrate my birthday. Around noon the doorbell rang and, since Luke was on daughter duty, he asked me to grab the door. There, standing outside, were my dear friends Zach and Rachel! They live in Washington and drove more than eight hours to spend the day with us. It took me a few seconds to even register that it was really her at the door. My reaction was priceless, in fact I yell, “Shut the front door!”, and I am so glad Zach caught it on video.

Luke and I have been blessed with many friends but there are a select few who are more like family. They are the ones you don’t have to clean up your house for. Zach and Rachel are those friends. While we didn’t do anything spectacular while they were here, I would say it was one of the best times we have had together. Of course dominating in Sequence didn’t hurt either.


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