Postpartum Planking 

Olivia is three and a half weeks old and I’ve been itching to start working out for at least a week. Confession, I may have already run a mile on the treadmill. (Okay it was two miles but on two different occasions!) When a friend from kindergarten issued an open invitation on social media to do a month-long plank challenge I decided to accept. Since my midwife cleared me for light activity (who defines light?) I figured this was a great way to start getting back into shape. MyFitnessPal offers a simple plank challenge as well as one for squats. You can find both on my Pinterest page. 

Think you’re up for the challenge? It’s not too late to join! You can also follow our fitness adventure on Instagram using these hashtags:

#PostpartumPlanking #916PlankGang #PetsThatPlank #PlankUntilYouPuke


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