Plans to Make Plans 

I’m a natural planner at heart. There are few things I enjoy more than a well laid (and executed!) plan. In fact, I’ve often been known to make plans to make plans. Even yesterday I asked Luke if he could schedule time in our calendar to talk about something happening this summer. Plans to make plans. 

When I heard you could put together a birth plan I was pretty excited and got right to work. It ended up being four pages but was made available in an abbreviated one pager for everyone else’s reading pleasure. (I’m only half-joking.) Of course, like many things throughout my pregnancy, the Lord used labor to teach humility and remind me I’m not the one in control. Yes, it’s wisdom to plan but surrender to Him will produce the best results. I’m not going to give you a birthing play-by-play, but let’s just say the things I was most adamant about not happening (getting an epidural after 30+ hours of “natural” labor, having to manually break my water, needing Pitocin and delivering on my back) ended up being the way things unfolded. But each decision was made with prayer and resulted in perfect peace. I was even having fun at the end! Maybe things didn’t happen the way I planned but I have no doubt everything went according to God’s plan.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the idea that exactly one week ago today Olivia was born. In fact I think at this time last week I was ordering furniture from Target in the hospital while we waited for me to dilate fully. No, that wasn’t in the birth plan but the sale was ending that day and I didn’t want to miss it!

Whether you’re giving birth, making major decisions or just living life, know that God has already written the perfect story and knows how it ends. His ways are best and surrendering it all to Him is the best plan you can make.


One thought on “Plans to Make Plans 

  1. I always get more done when I plan, even when nothing goes according to plan! I had an epidural with Pippa, one advantage to that was that I remember the minute she was born. With Natalie & George I was in so much pain that that time was a complete fog, but with Pippa I felt her kicking against my ribs while I was pushing her out… it was amazing! Regardless of anything else I am so thankful for that crystal clear and beautiful moment!
    You did an amazing job Mama, your daughter is perfect!


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