Hello 2017!

I am always impressed with people who approach the new year with inspiration, commitments and resolutions. I certainly love the idea of pages turning, clocks resetting and goals outlined in detail. However, I rarely set New Year’s Resolutions, at least not in any formal format. I certainly think about the things that have transpired and contemplate the upcoming 12 months but I can’t recall the last time I sat down and outlined goals for the year.  

Last night, as we turned out the lights way before midnight, I did take a few minutes to think about 2016 (and laugh that we were in snuggled in bed while our parents were still out on the town). 2016 was certainly an adventurous year. We visited multiple counties, found out we were having a baby, Luke started a new job, and we moved across an ocean.  God challenged our faith and taught us to lean into Him in new ways. I also anticipate this New Year to be, well, full of new as well – new home, new church, new friends, new job for me (potentially), new countries to visit, and at least one goal of learning bits and pieces of a new language. And of course the new baby will come with a whole bundle of other new things. I am excited to watch God lead and guide us, to grow deeper in my love for Him, and to study His living Word as we journey though all of this “new.”

Although we didn’t make it to midnight, we still celebrated together. Luke took me to dinner at Grit American Cuisine, a trendy little restaurant that reminded me of some our favorite places in Hawaii. The atmosphere was fun and lively, food was delicious and service was awesome. Sitting at the high-top table I couldn’t help but wonder if this would be our last pre-baby dinner date. I find that fleeting thought occurs often as we do different things together. Baby T could come at any time!

And although our plans for the evening were low-key, New Year’s Eve requires a new outfit and I wasn’t about to let being 38 weeks pregnant steal that pleasure, even if it may steal my ability to fit into the navy blue, lace, a-line dress I would have loved to wear. I actually found this adorable utility vest on sale for $6 at Target! Paired with a long-sleeve black sweater, booties and jeans I was ready not only for New Year’s Eve but for the chilly weather as well.

So hats off (or maybe not in this weather!) to the growth, change and adventure of 2016 and to all of the things the Lord has in store for 2017 – the journey He is leading us on individually and collectively, the joys, tears, laughter and pain, and everything in between. Happy New Year everyone!

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