Blogging From Boise

Blogging From Boise

I had every intention of blogging about our move and the last weeks in Hawaii but time got the better of me. And emotions. There’s something about writing that stirs the deepest part of you. But, here we are, just over a week later and “settled” in Boise. I’ve already gone to yoga, we’ve looked at homes, visited a church, toured the hospital, went to The Nutcracker (Robyn) and a hockey game (Luke), watched our niece’s recital, and met with our doula and midwife.My mom also came in for a visit!. Saturday I’ll be 37 weeks which means baby can come at any time! (Although Luke is in SF this week and he made her promise to wait until he gets back.) Guess I better start packing that hospital bag. Our car arrives next week (well Luke has to pick it up in Oakland) and then Christmas will be here before we know it. And here I was thinking things would slow down once we moved. I’m actually grateful for the distractions and business.

Yes, we miss Hawaii but Boise is beautiful and I am so excited for this adventure. And I love that I get to wear boots every day and will finally understand what people mean when they ask for a white Christmas. So here’s to blogging from Boise!

One thought on “Blogging From Boise

  1. It is to you and us White Christmas for the first time. So happy that you guys doing well. We both moved from warm place all the way to cold weather 😀. Here is to the new adventures. Miss you


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