Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games

You can’t really have a baby shower without games but trying to come up with creative ideas can leave you frustrated. Hopefully these ideas will make planning a little easier. I typically suggest two individual, sit down games and one active or group game that gets people moving and interacting. And don’t forget the prizes! Choose items that are the guest of honor’s favorite things (i.e.: candies, colors, etc.) or grab things that fit the theme. Give the games an extra touch by making sure any printed materials match the theme as well. Happy planning! (And if you need other ideas, feel free to comment! I have more.)

Individual games are great because they serve as an ice breaker and can even be started while people are still eating depending on how it is played. For most of the games below, you can use generic baby shower words or make them specific to the theme. For example, you can use baby, diaper, pacifier, etc. or if the theme is nursery rhymes you would use Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, and so on.

Mommy Memory
Each guest should be given a piece of paper and pen. Have the guest of honor walk around with a tray of 10-20 baby items and let everyone take a peak. (These items can also be given as a gift after the game.) Once the mommy-to-be leaves the room, start asking questions about her versus the items on the tray. Questions can include:

  • What color are her eyes?
  • How was she wearing her hair?
  • Was her bracelet on her right or left wrist?
  • Did she have on earrings?
  • What color were her shoes?
  • Did she have on nail polish?
  • Was she wearing a necklace?

The person who answers the most correctly wins!

Pregnancy Brain
Each guest should be given a piece of paper and pen. Place 15-20 items in a bucket and pull them out one at a time, naming each one. Place the items back in the bucket and remove it from the room. The guests now have to write down as many of the items as they can remember. The person who can recall the most wins!

Baby Face
Have all the guests bring a baby picture and hang it along a wall. Number the photos and have the guests to pair the baby photo with the proper person. The person who matches the most wins!

What’s in a Name?
Look up the top 10 baby names and their meanings. The goal of the game is to match the names with their meaning. If you need a tie-breaker you can have the guests guess the most popular name. If you don’t like the top 10 idea, this can also be done with a random selection of names, bible names, etc.

Shh! Don’t Say Baby!
Give each guest a tiny clothes pin or other item and instruct them not to say the word “baby.” If anyone says it, the person who catches them gets to steal their clothes pin. The person with the most at the end of the shower wins!

This can also be done with another word. For example, at a Tutu Cute baby shower guests were given pearl necklaces and instructed not to say the word “cute.”

Each guest should be provided a paper containing the letters A-Z with space to write after each letter. The goal is to list a baby related item for each letter of the alphabet. What’s the catch? If two people list the same item it doesn’t count! For example, if more than one person puts “pacifier”, no one gets a point. The person with the most unique words at the end wins! Need an idea on how to make this specific to the theme of the shower? See how I tweaked it for a travel themed shower.

Mystery Bags
Purchase solid gift bags and cut out letters for each bag to spell “BABY SHOWER.” Place a baby related item in each bag that begins with the letter on the outside. For example, the first bag may contain a bottle. Guests must try to guess the items inside the bag. Once everyone has completed this task, reveal the items. You can stop here and award a winner based on who has the most correct or take it a step further asking the guests to guess the price of each item. A point would be awarded to each person who names the correct price (or is the closest). The person with the most points at the end wins! 1233a7f03522b836d9def5e6df9d2fbe

Crossword Puzzles
You can print baby themed crossword puzzles online or make a custom one. The challenge with either of these options is you can’t customize the paper to fit the theme. If that is important to you, design it yourself in excel. The first person to complete the puzzle wins!

Baby Word Search
Word searches are a great game and they are easy to make in excel or word. You can also find them online if you don’t care about customizing it to your theme. The first person to find all the words wins!

I used this game for a Storybook themed shower but you can certainly tweak it for something else. In this case, we listed out lines from nursery rhymes with missing words and guests filled in the blanks.

This should be pretty self-explanatory. You can use baby words or words specific to your theme. IMG_3276

Word Scrambles
Word Scrambles are also easy to make yourself or, as with the others, you can get generic templates online. Choose 10-15 words and mix up the letters. The first person to unscramble them all wins!

Having trouble thinking of words for these games? Here is a list of baby related words to get you started. You can also use the baby’s or parents’ names if you are customizing it.

  • Baby
  • Baby Food
  • Bassinet
  • Blanket
  • Bottle
  • Breast Feeding
  • Changing Table
  • Cradle
  • Crib
  • Daddy
  • Diapers
  • Due Date
  • Mommy
  • Nursery
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Pacifier
  • Rocking Chair
  • Shower
  • Thermometer
  • Wipes
  • Up All Night


These games tend to take a little longer to play or involve teams. I prefer to do this as the last game before gifts.

Word for Word
If you’ve played Catch Phrase then this game should be easy to figure out. The goal of the game is to describe a word (using words only) and get your team members to guess it. Make a list of baby or theme-related words/phrases and cut them into strips. Split your group into teams of 4-5. Place the words in a jar or bowl (mason jars work great!) and pass them out to each team. To play, someone from each team should draw a word out of the jar and try to get their team to guess it. They cannot however say what it rhymes with, what letter it starts with, or any of the words in the phrase. For example, if the phrase is “Up All Night” you cannot say, “The last word rhymes with tight” or “The first word starts with ‘U'”. Once the word/phrase is guessed it is passed to the next person. Play continues until all of the words/phrases have been guessed. The team to empty their jar first wins!

This is played similar to the game above only guests have to act out the words versus describing them.

Pictionary with a Twist
Once again, you need a list of words. However, this time it is just one list on a sheet of paper. Split your guests into teams and give them each a piece of paper and a pen. One person from each team should come up to the host and get the first word. They then run back to their team and draw it. Once the team guesses, the next person runs back up to the host, shares the word and receives the next one on the list. The first team to get through all of the words wins!

Want to make this even more fun? The person with the list of words can move around/hide.

Baby Food  Flavors
Purchase 10-15 jars of baby food and cover the labels so you cannot see the ingredients. I recommend you do mostly one ingredient foods, some with two ingredients and one one or two with three+ ingredients. Guests should taste or smell the food and try to guess the ingredients. They get a point for each ingredient they guess correctly. In other words, Apple Carrot would be worth two (2) points. 


Diaper Delivery
If you’ve been to a shower you’ve probably played this game. Melt various chocolate bars in diapers so it looks like…well, you can guess. Guests should try to name all of the chocolate bars. The person with the most correct wins!

Mommy Multitasking
Moms are the queens of multitasking and now your guests get to try their hand at it as well. For this game you need clothes pins, a clothing line, baby doll, cell phone and basket of laundry for each group. Break into groups of at least 4 and have each team choose a representative. That person must be handed a baby doll, the basket of laundry, clthes pins and a cell phone.The other team members are given the list of questions and the clothing line to hold. The team representative then has 60 seconds to hang as much laundry as possible while holding the baby in one arm, the phone to their ear, and being asked the questions. The team to hang the most clothes and answer the most questions at the end of 60 seconds wins. Examples of questions could be:

  • How do you know the mommy-to-be?
  • What’s your favorite color?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
  • What year were you born?
  • What month is your birthday?

If you do not want to supply enough items for each group, you can do this one team at a time while the others watch. However, if you do it this way make sure you have enough questions so each group gets their own.

Guess Who!
This is such a fun game to play! My friend Tiffany made it up and I will definitely be using it at the next shower I host. Each guest should be given a Popsicle stick which says “mama” on one side and “dada” on the other. Compile a list of 10-15 questions about the mommy and daddy-to-be. For example, “Who had a passport before the age of two?” or “Who was 8 lbs 7 ounces at birth?” Read of the questions and have the guests guess whether it is about the mama or dada by holding up their stick. Once everyone has their stick in the air, reveal the correct answer. Guests should track their points and the person with the most correct wins!img_50361

This is played just like the show. Split your group into teams and give them each a rattle that they shake if they know the answer. You can make up any categories you like but I did the following:

  • Baby Names
    • i.e.: The most popular name for a baby boy in 2016. What is Jackson?
  • Baby Stats
    • The chance of having twins. What is 1/33?
  • Wild Child  (Random topics)
    • i.e.: The day of the week most popular for births. What is Tuesday?


Fashion Forward
I wish I could take credit for coming up with this game but the creative award once again goes to Tiffany. Break the guests up into groups of 2-4 and give them each a doll or stuffed animal. Supply them with various craft supplies (paper, scissors, ribbon, glue, etc.) and challenge them to make a baby outfit for their doll. The winner is selected by the mommy-to-be. IMG_5051[1].JPG

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