Custom One-a-Day Calendar 

Custom One-a-Day Calendar 

I’m not a fan of Christmas. Okay, let me rephrase that. I’m not a fan of obligatory Christmas gifts. While I love gift giving, I’d rather buy just-because presents. You know, those moments you see something and absolutely have to get it for the person. That I love. However, every once in a while I happen to think of a just-because present right around Christmas time and voila, I suddenly love Christmas gifts. 

My colleague is an avid traveler. Her goal is to have always been to more countries than the number of her age. Thus far she’s not only proven successful in accomplishing that but she’s built herself a cushion. Her Instagram is full of posts from other countries accompanied by #kktravels and various other travel related tags. For Christmas, I decided to become the ultimate Instagram stalker and began taking screenshots of all her posts. I then used the images to create a one-a-day calendar in which each day features either a 4″ x 4″ photo from her travels or a quote. I randomly placed the majority of the images, although there were a few I arranged specifically to coincide with particular calendar dates – a picture of her with a giant, light-up reindeer for Christmas; a travel themed cake for her birthday, flowers for the first day of spring; a heart image for Valentine’s Day; and a couple doing the tango for Cinco de Mayo were just a few. Presentation1.jpgI’ll admit, I may be more excited about this gift that she will be to receive it. Going through all of the images was breathtaking. I felt like a stowaway on an adventure around the world – Morocco, French Polynesia, Japan, Australia, Peru! The list seems to be endless.

Overall, the gift itself was pretty simple to make but it is very time consuming. If time is an issue, there are companies who will actually do something very similar for you. However, I love to craft and I hope that will make it even more special to her. slide2slide1



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