Woods & Water – Our Maternity Photos

Woods & Water – Our Maternity Photos

Last week Luke and I headed to Sherwoods (Waimanalo) for maternity photos with the very talented Laura Wilder Combes of Laura Wilder Photography. I originally wanted to do the shoot at the sunflower fields on the North Shore but made a last-minute change and opted for Sherwoods. We did our engagement photos there nearly three years ago and thought returning for our maternity shoot was fitting. Sherwoods is an amazing place to shoot because you can catch photos in the woods and water.

When we first decided to have our photos done I had very specific attire in mind. I wanted a floor length dress in a soft, dusty pink. Of course it’s fall which means pink is not the easiest color to come by. I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. After casually perusing stores for a month or so I stumbled across a navy blue and pink paisley maxi dress. Not only are those the nursery colors, but they were perfect for the beach! The pink, trapeze dress was a last-minute addition which I actually bought for my shower but then decided I should catch a few photos in it as well. And the best part? Both dresses combined cost less than $25. Yes, you read that right! The makeup I was wearing literally cost more than the dresses. And let me just tell you, I love, love, love the way the pictures came out.

Laura was incredible to work with and I would highly recommend her. She is professional yet disarming and immediately made Luke and I feel completely comfortable. If you are looking for an amazing wedding, maternity, newborn or lifestyle photographer, give her a call. She also does videography!

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