Tutu Cute – A Baby Shower

Tutu Cute – A Baby Shower

My friends completely outdid themselves last Saturday with a “Tutu Cute” themed baby shower. It was so strange to be the one honored versus planning it! When I got in the car I kept thinking I was missing something. Normally my trunk is overflowing with boxes of decor, gifts and food. 

The shower was all things frill with tulle, tutus, teas, ribbon and sparkles. Looking around I could see the love in every ribbon and detail. I know how long it takes to make some of these things! My sister, who couldn’t be there since she lives on the mainland, even sent some of the decor items. How sweet is that? One of my other friends also stayed up to who-knows-when in the morning making cupcakes despite the fact she has two exams the next day and wouldn’t even be able to come to the shower. Just one of the many reasons my heart overflows with love and thankfulness.

The biggest surprise happened when I first arrived. The gals sat me down in a chair and pulled a laptop over to me. On the screen was not one, not two, but ten of my friends. Six of them had gathered together on the East Coast and the other four were in England. They were actually throwing me showers complete with food, tea, treats, cake (East Coast) and Krispy Kreme Donuts (England). I feel so loved and incredibly grateful for the women God has blessed me with. Friends around the world are the best!

Special thanks to Laura of Laura Wilder Photography for capturing these wonderful photos.


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