I Never Want to be Pregnant

If you’re feeling confused right now it’s okay. Yes, I am currently 29 1/2 weeks pregnant and thrilled to be having a baby. But I did stumble across this post from 2010 on my Facebook feed and I was reminded there was a time when having children wasn’t just low on my list, but not there at all. I was open to the idea of adopting, maybe, but I was never, ever going to birth a child out of my body. In fact, I felt so strongly about not having children it was something I would bring up on first dates. (Hi, I’m having so much fun. By the way, I don’t want children.) Talk about awkward party of two. 


I am so thankful the Lord changed my heart and showed me the value in being a mother and surrendering to His plan for my life. By the time Luke and I met and started dating I was already excited about the idea of children in my future. Isn’t it great how the Lord works? His timing is unfailingly perfect. Luke has always wanted kids (at one time he thought he wanted five! *coughs*) and me not wanting children could have definitely been a deal breaker. But now here we are, married with a baby on the way! 10 weeks and counting!

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