Country Pumpkin, Country Bumpkin

I have a hard time with costume parties. The creative (and competitive) part of me wants so badly to put together a phenomenal, handmade costume while the cheap part of me hates the idea of spending money on something I will wear once. Hello, internal struggle.  Couple that with the fact I’m not an advocate of Halloween (that’s for another blog post) and the result is I don’t typically plan on dressing up unless we have somewhere specific to go. When our dear friends who are huge costumers invited us to a potluck at their house I realized I needed an easy, cute and inexpensive costume. Cue country farmers. Given our upcoming move to Boise and the fact that I could put this together for less than $8 made it the perfect solution. Luke literally had everything already in his closet and I already had jeans, boots, a flannel and paint. All I had to do was purchase a bandana and white tank top and then paint the pumpkin. Voila! A fun (albeit not phenomenal) costume for cheap.


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