Adventure Awaits – A Baby Shower 

Adventure Awaits – A Baby Shower 

I’ve participated in planning a lot of baby showers and I definitely have a few themes I’d consider my favorites. Buttons & Bow Ties, for example, is really high on this list. However, I think the shower we did this past week may have just slid into the number one slot.

My friend Lynnea is due with her first next month and when we started talking about her shower I couldn’t settle on a theme. I really want to do something with rubber ducks or bees (“Mommy to Bee”) but they didn’t seem to fit her. When another friend suggested a travel theme my creative wheels started turning and just couldn’t stop. It was perfect for her! (In fact we later discovered just how perfect it actually was. Their wedding guest book was a globe and we ended up incorporating it in the decor. Can you tell which one is theirs?) 

What’s great about a travel theme is it can be re-purposed for something other than a baby shower, the decor elements are practically endless and easy to get your hands on, and there are a wide variety of game options. For this particular shower, we went with a vintage palette of browns, greens and blues.


The beauty of this shower was in the details. I made a garland using a 2.5″ circle punch, 5/8″ light blue sheer ribbon, map scrapbook paper and twine. Tan and white tissue balls were also hung from the ceiling creating the depth the garland lacked. The same map scrapbook paper was used to create a sign which said “Adventure Awaits” and little paper rosettes. If you don’t like that particular phrase, there are so many other travel related words you could choose instead. Globes in a variety of colors, wooden crates, vintage suitcases, parasols, lanterns, an old clock, a jar from my Honduras trip, tea lights, a large wall map, paper rosettes, burlap runners, and airplane confetti were used as miscellaneous decor items throughout. For the gift and prize/favor table we framed signs which read “baggage claim” and “baggage check.” Finally, I used Adobe Illustrator to create a world map accompanied by the phrase “Oh, the places you’ll go” in the shower colors. Now if you are looking at this list and feeling overwhelmed, don’t! Many of these items you probably have lying around the house or can borrow from a friend after a quick Facebook post.


I don’t typically gravitate toward your traditional baby shower games (I mean, what pregnant lady really wants people guessing how big she is?) and therefore try to come up with games that are specific to the theme. My standard recommendation is two individual games and a group game. For this particular shower, guests had to match 20 countries with their capitals. Our second game encouraged everyone to list a city, state or country starting with each letter of the alphabet. Sounds easy enough, right? Only if more than one person lists the same place it doesn’t count! Our final group game was a twist on the ever popular Catch Phrase. Groups of four had 30 travel related words to describe to each other. The first group to guess all 30 won.


First things first, you do not have to have favors at every shower you throw. In fact I almost never include them. But for this particular shower we made little bags of “travel mix” (Chex Mix) with tags reading:

PASSENGER: Gideon Anthem

As a final detail, we made Lynnea a “passport” for Gideon where she can write in his birth details on the first page. Guests wrote encouraging words, scriptures, etc. on the remaining pages.


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