Aloha Hawaii

In Hawaiian, “aloha” has many meanings, two of which are hello and goodbye. After eight years, six months and approximately 11 days I will once again say aloha to Hawaii. I remember the day I flew here. I cried and cried at the airport and on the plane. I remember a little old woman asking what was wrong and if I was okay. Through choking sobs I answered, “I’m moving to Hawaii.” I don’t recall her answer, but I can clearly remember the confused look she gave me. I had never lived away from family and a move across an ocean was overwhelming to say the least. I am sure there will be tears once again, although for a very different reason.

It’s difficult to say goodbye to a place that has had such an impact on my life and heart but Luke and I both feel God directing us back to the mainland and closer to family as we start this next season of life. I moved here in May 2008, just days after graduating college. It’s odd to think I’ve spent the majority of my adult life and over 1/3 of my entire life in Hawaii. During my time here I have grown exponentially in my walk with Christ, built friendships that will last a lifetime, met and married by best friend, and found out we are pregnant. Hawaii will always have a very, very special place in my heart.

I am so excited to see this next chapter in our lives and experience the wonderful plan God has for us. If there is anything I’ve learned over the years it’s that God’s plan is leaps and bounds beyond anything I could ever imagine for myself. But that new chapter is still six weeks away and reading ahead in a book only causes you to miss the good stuff in the middle. So here’s to making the next 43 days count before we board a plane with one-way tickets to Boise.



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