Fall Colors

Fall Colors

I love fall. It’s probably my favorite season. I mean, what’s not to love? Pumpkin, good. Apples, good. Thanksgiving, good! Fall also brings that wonderful in-between weather (at least for most places) where you can break out the sweaters, scarves and boots without having to face any real cold. Or if you live in Hawaii, you just wear the sweater even if there isn’t any sign of cold at all. 

One thing I love most about fall is all the color. Burnt oranges, mustard yellows, deep reds and earthy greens abound. In Hawaii we may not see it in our trees, but we can certainly find it in our clothes. Lately I’ve been especially drawn toward the reds. In fact I may need an intervention since I’ve bought three things in the last few months all within the same color family. Of course I wanted to blog them all at the same time, but that would require finding time for photos while wearing said garment. So, we’ll have to live with one at a time.

My most recent purchase was this calf-length, open front cardigan from Forever 21. Not only was it a steal, but longline cardigans are very much in this season. Whether you want to ease yourself into the trend with a mid-length or take the full plunge to the ankle, there’s a length out there for everyone.


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