True Blue

True Blue

Confession, I’m a sucker for luxury items and every once in a while I will splurge on a handbag, sunglasses, shoes, etc. But most of the time I want to get a good deal and those are the finds I brag about. (Oh, THIS? $10 at Forever 21!

A few weeks ago Old Navy was offering 40% off all their dresses and I snagged this navy blue beauty along with another burgundy piece I have yet to catch on camera. I love the material of this dress and how easily it stretches over my ever-expanding belly. I’m avoiding maternity clothes for as long as I can manage so these crossover pieces are closet crucial. What’s great about this dress is you can easily transition it between seasons. Here I’ve styled it with both heels for a spring/summer look as well as boots and a scarf for fall/winter. In other words, you can wear this all year round. Of course you may want some leggings in winter.

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