Washed Clean 

Washed Clean 

Last week at women’s study we discussed having a proper and Godly response to challenging circumstances. Of course whenever you study something like that the Lord always gives you a chance to practice it. There have been several of those opportunities (including a towed car) but I think this one takes the gold. 

We had a Sunday full of post-church errands planned which started with one of four loads of laundry that needed doing. Unfortunately on the very first load the washing machine kept stopping right before the drain and spin cycle despite numerous attempts to get it going. So here we are with a washer full of clothes and water with no way to finish the cycle. Reluctantly we started rinsing the clothes in the sink, wringing them out, and hanging them on the lanai to dry. Of course this also required cleaning all the furniture out there so as not to soil the clean clothes. While this is taking place we were both struggling to maintain joyful attitudes and remind ourselves that in the context of eternity a broken washer doesn’t matter.

We quickly developed a rhythm which involved me rinsing and wringing while Luke hauled the items outside. I’m about a quarter of the way through this very, very large wash load full of pants and heavy shirts when I hear him holler from the lanai. “Honey,” he yells, walking in the door. “The washer is broken, not the dryer.” We both started laughing uncontrollably. When the Lord wants to teach you a lesson…!

…I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…

~ Philippians 4:12


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