Crafting, Crotchet and Correcting Sin

Crafting, Crotchet and Correcting Sin

I love to craft and have wanted to get back into crocheting for a while. My mom taught me when I was younger but it has been ages since I’ve done it. I finally decided to take the plunge and bought yarn and a crochet needle at the craft store. Two disastrous scarf attempts later and I finally had a good flow going. There was a visible pattern in the stitches and I found the methodical movement quite relaxing. That is until I noticed the top of my scarf was getting wider and wider. Apparently I had started to add an extra stitch at the beginning of each row. Rather than undo the last six rows I decided to just eliminate a stitch and bring it back in. While it worked eventually, I still had 10-12 rows that bulged out from the rest of the pattern. I kept crocheting thinking I could ignore the mistake. Who was I kidding? I finally gave up and unraveled everything until the bulge was gone. 

That’s when I starting thinking how similar sin can be in our lives. While the effects of one little bit of sin (or in this case on extra stitch) may not be noticeable at first, when not dealt with immediately it can quickly grow to be an ugly deformation. Like the scarf, you can attempt to correct the mistake but the damage is still done. It wasn’t until I went back to address it that real change could happen. And, like unraveling yarn, addressing sin can be messy at times. However, the finished work is worth the effort.


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