Meandering​ to Manly 

Meandering​ to Manly 

Sydney is beautiful! I absolutely love it here. We’ve also been blessed with perfect weather despite the fact that it is technically winter. The Airbnb we are staying in now leaves you a bit wanting but the location is priceless (and the room rate was not). Today we wandered over to the Royal Botanic Gardens and made our way to Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair. Elizabeth Macquarie, the wife of the governor, enjoyed viewing the harbor from this location and her husband had workers carve a seat in the rock for her in 1810. The gardens themselves are also quite splendid. In celebration of their 200th anniversary, more than 10,000 white and red tulips were planted. 

After our garden walk we hopped on a ferry to Manly. If you’re taking public transportation in Australia, get an Opal card. There’s no cost for the card and you simply load it with money for transportation. It’s valid for most ferries, trains, light rail and buses and will save you time waiting to purchase single ticket rides. We actually missed a ferry today waiting in line and decided to go with the Opal card option.

The ferry ride to Manly is beautiful and offers you amazing views of both Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Manly itself is also a very cute beach town with free Wi-Fi in many areas. We enjoyed a quick lunch along Manly Beach with about 100 seagulls.

I lost energy around 4pm and we headed back to the apartment for the evening. My amazing husband even went for takeaway dinner so I didn’t have to go out again. He really is the best! The perfect way to end the day, if you ask me.



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