Our Perfectly Imperfect Vacation 

Our Perfectly Imperfect Vacation 

If you’re thinking Luke and I always have perfect vacations, prepare to be disappointed. I don’t think any vacation is ever perfect. It’s how you view and respond to each adventure that determines whether you return with great memories or in utter disappointment. So here’s how our Australia Babymoon began:

A few days before the trip we received an email that our departing flight had been canceled. Not delayed, canceled. Luke quickly got on the phone with Jetstar and was able to get us on the outbound flight for the next day. By the time he called me we were already settled on the Friday flight. They also gave us $100 in vouchers for the inconvenience which covered our checked baggage to and from. Disappointment turned win if you ask me! 

Friday morning we get to the airport only to discover one needs a visa to travel to Australia. Oops! We missed that memo. Fortunately you can apply at the airport and as far as we can tell, it didn’t cost a thing. We were also there so early we still had time to kill despite the visa delay.

Close to 11 hours later we arrive in Australia and decided to grab a quick bite before heading to get the rental car. Note, the little ketchup packets may look like you peel back the top but they are actually intended to be squeezed. Of course it was pointing at me when I discovered this and that ended with ketchup all over my face and top! I busted out the Shout pen before Luke could get a photo.

Finally we realized we forgot to request a GPS when we reserved the rental car. The good news is they had one on hand and gave us a discount on it! Of course the first one didn’t work but we figured that out before leaving the rental location.

When you list everything out it almost sounds like a recipe for disaster. Instead, we find it makes for a perfectly imperfect vacation. Now let the real adventure begin!


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