Australia Babymoon – Day #1

Australia Babymoon – Day #1

We arrived in Australia yesterday but by the time we got our rental car and made it to Gymea Bay the only things we had a capacity for were food and sleep.We are very blessed to be spending the first half of the trip at the beautiful home of a friend who also happens to be one of the most amazing hostesses I’ve ever met. They live right along the water and we have a spectacular view from our room. 

After a wonderful night’s sleep we woke up rejuvenated and excited for the first full day of our Australia Babymoon. Today we explored Cronulla and took a ferry to Bundeena. After lunch at Cafe Manna we went on a short hike through the Royal National Park, the world’s second oldest national park. There are aboriginal carvings in some of the sandstone near Jibbon Beach which I really wanted to visit.  Can you see the carving in the photo?


The walk to the carvings takes you along the beach and then through part of the park. After discovering the carvings we continued along the coastal walk. As we rounded the bend we found ourselves overlooking the ocean from above. Glancing down we were quite surprised to discover a man in his, well, birthday suit. Apparently we’d happened upon a nude beach. I’ve seen things I cannot un-see!

One of the things I’m most astonished by is the variety of beautiful birds. The lorikeet bird with his red, green and yellow feathers is clearly dressed to impress. Unfortunately, he was too far away for a photo despite my best efforts. Expecting to hear a song to match his beauty I was rather surprised when he emitted a harsh “gawk”. I can relate, sweet bird. Not all of us can sing.


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