Halo, mate!

Halo, mate!

Luke and I are off to Australia! Normally we aim for one international trip a year but when we found out Baby T would be joining us, we decided a babymoon was in order. New Zealand was our initial destination of choice but tickets to Australia were only $460 round trip. You can’t even get to the mainland for that! The weather will also be much warmer than New Zealand despite the fact that it will be winter there. Last I checked, temperatures are estimated to be between 66-72 degrees. Perfect weather for boots without being too chilly.

Our goal for this vacation is to relax but that doesn’t mean we won’t have a little bit of an adventure. We’ve already decided to spend one day at Featherdale Wildlife Park where you can feed kangaroos and pet koalas! Yes, pet koalas. I think I may be most excited about that. We were also fortunate enough to get tickets to the New Zealand All Blacks vs Quantas Wallabies Rugby match. Now who to cheer for?

Our biggest “adventure” will probably be our mode of transportation. Despite our adventures in Italy (click here to read about that!) we’ve decided to rent a car for a portion of the trip. In case you didn’t know, they drive on the left side of the road in Australia and we got a manual vehicle. Prayers please, lot of prayers!


I’ll be blogging throughout the trip and we’ll both be posting images to Instagram. Follow the adventure at instagram.com/robynjtucker and instagram.com/lahuke.



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