Dinner Time!

On the top shelf of my kitchen pantry are cookbooks filled with scrumptious meals just waiting to be made. And when I say waiting, I mean for years. Several of the recipe books have even moved from kitchen to kitchen only to be shoved back into the dark recesses of the pantry for use in some oh-so-distant future. There are hundreds of untouched recipes just feet away from me that have yet to be explored. Why? you ask. Because the average family has a repertoire of around 10 meals (or so I’ve read) that they make on a regular basis. They are easy, familiar and don’t require excess brain usage. 

I’m fortunate to have  few more than 10 thanks to Plan to Eat. In fact I typically plot out a month at a time without repeats. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t fall victim to the same dishes. There are definitely a handful I tend to default to. I am sure my husband can name them off.

Tonight, in a flurry of obsessive cleaning, I decided some of the recipe books had to go. Before I sent them packing to Goodwill I decided to go through and add some of the recipes to my Plan to Eat. If they are loaded in my recipe list there’s a really good chance the dishes may actually get made. Most of the recipes I saved were super simple since anything with more than 10 ingredients isn’t likely to actually make my meal calendar. I still have more cookbooks to go through so this is just the start of the list but I can’t wait to make some of these dishes. If you beat me to it, be sure to let me know how it came out.



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