We’re Having a Baby!

Most of you probably saw our Facebook post a few weeks ago so this isn’t exactly a surprise. But yes, we’re having a baby! Luke and I are are super excited for our little bird to join us in January 2017. We’d gone back and forth on the best time to start a family and finally decided to surrender the timing to God. In April we stopped using NFP (Natural Family Planning) and gave the control to our loving Father. It was amazing how much peace I had once I relinquished control. And that peace wasn’t just related to pregnancy, I had an overwhelming calmness about numerous aspects of our life that are in flux.

Just a few weeks later on May 16, the day of a HUGE fundraiser I was co-chairing for the Women’s Fund of Hawaii, I found out I was pregnant. I wanted to find a really special way to tell Luke but I was so excited I couldn’t wait. He was still asleep so I ran into the room and woke him up. “This just got real! I’m pregnant!” Luke tends to be a slow riser but I managed to get a high five out of him.

Within a few days we were looking up a million things about pregnancy and quickly stumbled across BabyCenter.com’s Week by Week Pregnancy breakdown. Each week they compared the size of Baby T to fruit. My super talented and creative sister suggested we do a fruit photo comparison throughout the pregnancy so each week we’ve been taking pictures with different fruit. (Don’t worry, I won’t be posting them all but I will do a slide show of the photos after the forty weeks are complete.)

In the few weeks I’ve been pregnant (we are just around 15) God has already challenged me in so many ways. I’m learning to trust that this child is His and dearly loved (Psalm 139:13-16 and Psalm 22:9-10 have been key verses). He has also reminded me not to use my circumstances as an excuse for sin. Yes, I need to be aware of what my body is communicating and rest, eat, etc. as needed but I shouldn’t use pregnancy as an excuse to lash out emotionally or behave in a manner that doesn’t align with His Word. I love how our sweet Father is always at work in us to make us more like Him.


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