Thy Will

When it comes to music and movies it doesn’t take a lot to make me cry. In fact I’m more prone to tear up during a song than every day life. One of those songs guaranteed to bring on the water works is Hilary Scott’s Thy WillIf you haven’t listened to it you really need to. As I sat in my car listening to this song tears flowed freely down my cheeks. 

I know you’re good. But this don’t feel good right now.
And I know you think of things I could never think about.
It’s hard to count it all joy; distracted by the noise.
Just trying to make sense of all your promises.
Sometimes I gotta stop, remember that you’re God and I am not.
So Thy will be done…

Would I be able to say “God’s will be done” regardless of the circumstances? So often we recognize God’s goodness when it appears that things are going well but quickly our faith wavers at the sign of a storm. And yet C.S. Lewis so perfectly reminds us that God whispers in our pleasure and shouts in our pain. As I get older and approach new stages of life those unspeakable things seem so much bigger and scarier. If the unthinkable happened, would I still cling to the truth that God is good and His plans are for me. Would you? I wonder how much I truly surrender to God’s loving hands and how much I try to control myself. Or maybe I already know the answer. Sitting there I lifted up my heart to the Lord and prayed that He would humble me; that I would truly know His goodness and trust His promises regardless of what that may look like. Lord, Thy will be done.


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