When Life Gives You Lemons 

Three days ago I was sitting in my bedroom on my black and white floral print decorative chair, lifting weights and crying. And I mean full out waterworks. It was quite the comical scene had I not felt so helpless. You see, I’ve managed to strain my piriformis, or so we think, which is a muscle in my backside. It happened in ballet several weeks ago and I agitated it by running. Now I’m forced to rest. So here I am, trying to do some form of physical activity but crying because what I want to do is run. I desperately want to run. 

Lying in bed that night I started thinking about the bible study I’m doing. Do I long for God the way I long to be physically active? Have I ever sat in my house in tears desperate for God the way I was desperate to run? And in the context of eternity, does this small season of rest really matter? No. And so in another moment of tears I prayed for a heart that would long for God above all else. 

A few days later I went for a swim. While I’d rather be running, swimming is a great alternative and I do, after all, live in Hawaii. So when life gives you lemons, thank God that He is good regardless of your circumstances, and go for a swim. 


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