Why I Will Never Buy from You Again

I really try not to complain about businesses, at least not on public forums. Having spent the majority of my professional career in marketing I know how frustrating it is to get blasted on social media and feel like you never had a chance to make the negative situation right. But desperate times call for desperate measures.I am currently on hold with 1-800-Flowers. I usually order flowers from FTD.com or go to a florist and have never had an issue. But for some reason on Tuesday I completely blanked and ordered from 1-800-Flowers instead. That will never happen again. I purchased two identical bouquets to be shipped to the same address, attention’d to two people. One came and the other did not. When I called I was told the second order was canceled. Well that certainly wasn’t by me. Two phone calls, 36 hours and several emails later and I still do not have the second set of flowers. I was also told that the issue had been resolved and the flowers delivered. I am looking at her desk; there are no flowers.

I’m normally quite skilled at resolving customer service issues but as I was staring at the 6th email telling me the issue was resolved, and then called and was told it had been delivered, I felt pretty helpless. And so here we are. If you want to actually get the flowers you order, use FTD.com or go to a florist. Do NOT use 1-800-Flowers. Do not.

And if you are at all curious, I am still on hold.



The flowers finally did come thanks to the third person I spoke with. I always feel so bad for the customer service team. I know it’s not their fault but they have to deal with the ramifications of a broken system. I’m still never buying from them again. I did, however,  took down the name of the florist who brought the flowers so I could just order from them directly next time.

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