Others Minded 

I’m at the airport heading to Chicago when I realize I forgot to pack my Chapstick. I decide an entire flight without it sounded like torture and stopped by one of the little shops in the airport to replenish my stock. As I’m checking out, I’m struggling to balance my two bags while simultaneously handing the cashier my card. I found myself feeling irritated that he just sat there with his hand out waiting for me to give him the card. “Seriously?” I thought. “Can’t he see that my hands are full and my arms won’t stretch that far?” And then I realized he couldn’t. He was blind.

I felt horrible! I couldn’t believe I assumed he was being rude and lazy. In fact I felt so bad I didn’t want to post this. I didn’t want to show what an ugly heart I have. And the thing is, even if he hadn’t been blind, I shouldn’t have been irritated. I should be others minded and think more of other people than myself. I’m thankful for the reminder of how great a sinner I am and how gently my God points out my flaws. Lord, please purify my ugly heart!


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