Half Marathon, Check! 

Yesterday I completed my first half marathon! There’s one for the bucket list. You may recall that I signed up for the full marathon last December but didn’t end up running. Well I wasn’t about to let that happen again so when I signed up for the half I started training right away. I also did it alongside two amazing women who held me accountable to 5:30am runs on Saturday mornings.

But even the best laid plans have snags and I could never have anticipated getting a blister from new heels on Thursday, slamming my ankle into the bed and having to ice it for hours or tripping over my suitcase and face-planting the night before the race. But God is so gracious and I didn’t feel any of those issues as I ran. And in some ways, those small trials made the end even sweeter.

There were highs and lows throughout the race. My favorite moment was around mile 7 when we started going through our Romans 8 memory verses as we ran. My least favorite moment was the last mile. But what matters is we all finished! It felt so good (and kind of painful) to cross the finish line. But I beat my goal time of 2 1/2 hours!





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