Storybook Baby Shower

I had the privilege of being a part of another baby shower this past Saturday. My friend Lauren is having a baby boy next month and we threw her a storybook theme shower to celebrate this precious new life. Someone mentioned that she enjoyed soft colors so I opted with mint green with blue and yellow accents. Little did I know those were her wedding colors! She’s also decorating the baby’s room in comparable tones. Sometimes you just hit the nail on the head blindfolded.

I love decorating for baby showers and a storybook theme practically decorates itself. For the garland I made tiny 4×4 inch paper books and strung them from twine along with paper flower cutouts and ribbon. I also wrapped books in scrapbook paper to use as decor elements throughout the space. Accompanied with white lanterns I scored at my best friend’s wedding, the books served as perfect centerpieces over burlap runners and white table cloths. I took three larger books and cut out letters which read, “It’s a Boy” to place on the cake table. For an added decor component, strips of green, blue, yellow and white fabric were hung from mint green and blue ribbon and strung behind the desserts. (For directions on how to make this garland, read my Dessert Table Garland post.)

Games are easy to come up with when using a storybook theme and for this particular shower we based the games on nursery rhymes. My typical pattern is two smaller, individual games and one large team or group game. For this shower we played Nursery Rhyme Bingo and a fill-in-the-blank game where words were missing from 10 different nursery rhymes. The big group game, which we actually ran out of time for, was similar to Catch Phrase  but all of the words you had to guess were titles of nursery rhymes.

Of course you cannot have a baby shower without dessert and our in-house pastry chef (well, she practically is!) pulled out all the stops. Sticking with the colors, she crafted three delectable cupcakes in mint chocolate, vanilla almond and earl grey tea.

Overall I thought the shower went really well. I would be amiss to not mention everyone who helped. Thank you Alannah for the amazing cupcakes, Laura for coordinating all of the food, Steph for the photos, Stacy for hosting and Sam for coming up with games. I love being able to celebrate with these ladies (and getting to craft in preparation is just an added bonus!).








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