Shopping for Singapore

My dear friend (who I just saw in Singapore not two months ago!) is in town and one of her goals is to find some new wardrobe items, specifically skirts, that work well in the warm and humid Singapore weather. Ellyn isn’t a huge fan of shopping and, let’s be honest, I love it. So rather than dragging her from store to store, I just went shopping for her. Today she arrived in my office and found a rack of clothes just waiting for her to try on. And the benefit of working at a mall is you know when the sales are happening. I was able to get everything for 25-50% off. 

Ellyn has beautiful, deep red hair so my automatic inclination was to gravitate toward blues and teals. I forced myself to branch out and explore some other color palettes. I was worried she wouldn’t like anything I grabbed but it ended up being quite the opposite. She’s now going home with 2 new dresses, 8 skirts and 5 tops. Here’s a peak at just a few of the things she decided to keep. (Everything is from Ala Moana Center, of course!)

Get the looks:

  1. Gerber Daisy Midi Skirt (Banana Republic)
  2. Geo Lace Midi Skirt (Banana Republic) 
  3. Watercolor Floral Skirt (Ann Taylor)Ellyn2
  4. Blue Stripe Midi Skirt (Old Navy)
  5. Floral Print Midi Skirt (Old Navy)
  6. Olive Green Embroidered Tank (Gap)
  7. Maison Jules Coral Top (Macy’s)Ellyn1
  8. Batik Floral Maxi Dress (Lucky Brand Jeans)
  9. Printed Floral Maxi Dress (Lucky Brand Jeans)

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