A Souvenir From Italy 

A Souvenir From Italy 

I think everyone who travels wants a souvenir to take home. Something special that reminds them of their journey – the things they saw, the experiences they had. Fourteen months ago Luke and I went on our first international trip together. We spent ten glorious days in Italy visiting Florence, Milan, Bologna, Venice and Pisa. We brought home several souvenirs including a beautiful hand-blown glass ornament from Murano Island in Venice. But the best souvenir was the one we got in the mail yesterday. You’ll never guess what it was.

The majority of our transportation consisted of trains but for our last leg we thought it would be nice to do a “coast” drive from Florence to Milan. Travel fail. You couldn’t see the coast, we got stuck in rush hour traffic in Milan and it started raining. Four hours later and desperate for a restroom we were driving through the center of Milan in the dark and rain when we made a wrong left turn and ended up in a bus only lane. I think we may have even been going the wrong direction. I thought for sure we were going to get pulled over and arrested. But somehow we managed to get out of said lane and finally made it to our hotel and the bathroom. We’d honestly forgotten about this portion of the adventure until yesterday when we received a traffic ticket from Italy for €71.45.

Well it certainly gives us a good story to tell. And teaches us to never, ever rent a car in a foreign country! I think I may frame it as a reminder.


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