Kiss Dry Lips Goodbye

Kiss Dry Lips Goodbye

There is one question people always seem to ask during icebreakers. If you were stranded on a deserted island what would you take? My answer is always the same: my bible and Burt’s Bees, two things I cannot live without.

I have always suffered from dry lips. I wish I could say it was seasonal but I live in Hawaii where the weather is warm and dry air isn’t exactly something we complain about. Yet my lips are still chapped. I can’t even imagine how bad they would be if I lived in a place where winter was something more than pictures my friends post on Facebook.

After trying many different things I’ve finally discovered a lip care regime that helps to alleviate some of my dry lip issues. If you have this chronic problem, or it’s winter where you are so you actually have an excuse for dry lips, give this a try!
_7655956.jpgA few times a week I use Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish from Sephora. This exfoliating lip treatment is made with real brown sugar crystals and leaves my lips moisturized and smooth. You only need a tiny bit so it lasts for ages! On the days when you don’t use this (the instructions tell you to only use it 2-3 times per week) grab an extra toothbrush. Wet the brush with warm water and gently brush your lips. It sounds crazy but it’s a great way to get rid of any dry and dead skin you may have on your lips.

I’ve also started using Fresh’s Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy. This can be applied morning and night for softer, moisturized lips. It sure seems to be working for me!




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