Only Half Crazy

Only Half Crazy

I’m training for a half marathon next month with two phenomenal women. If it weren’t for them I don’t think I could do it. Running with these gals is so much better than going at it alone. We push each other when we are weak, laugh together and encourage one another. I think there is a life lesson in that. This morning we ran 7.13 miles. It’s the furthest I’ve ever run and it’s kind of crazy to think that each week I will be setting a new personal record.

Last week was really hard. I hadn’t run in 3 weeks while on vacation and each mile felt like ten. If it hadn’t been for Alannah and Hope I wouldn’t have made it the 6.6 miles we ran. But this week was way different. Miles 2 & 3 were hard but right after we finished the uphill Monserrat climb I got a second wind. The last two miles were the easiest of the run!

Here’s to another month of training. Can’t wait to tackle the Hapalua Half Marathon! And since you run better when you feel better, we’ve got matching shirts (which coincide with our shoe colors, of course).



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