The Day I Lived Twice

The Day I Lived Twice

I’ve been watching The Flash. {SPOILER ALERT} At the end of Season One, Barry manages to create a hole in the space/time continuum and goes back in time to save his mother’s life. Well today I got a little taste of what that would be like (minus having super speed and an evil speedster arch nemesis from the future). Today, I lived the day twice. Kind of.

This morning we slept in until 9:30am and then took our time getting ready. If you’re ever in Osaka for a short overnight stay, I highly recommend the Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport. The rates were reasonable and the rooms were massive for Japan standards. It’s also part of the second largest building in Japan, right across the bridge from the airport, practically connected to Rinku Town Station for easy tram access, and walking distance from shopping and entertainment. The hotel also offers a free shuttle to the airport in the morning before 10am and from the airport in the evening beginning at 5:55pm. If those times don’t work for you, Rinku Premium Outlets offers a shuttle for ¥200 (about $1.78).

We spent the day meandering around Rinku Town. We ate at Kua‘Aina Burger (lame, I know, but Luke really wanted a burger), visited Marble Beach and did some major shopping at the Rinku Premium Outlets. For less than $130 we purchased three shirts, socks, dress pants, work out pants, shorts and overalls. The dress pants alone were originally ¥130,000 (~$116). Pictures will definitely be forthcoming. If you plan on shopping, bring your passport for discounts at participating retailers. We also spent some time at Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle but opted not to ride the giant ferris wheel. If you’re looking for more things to do, there are also several shrines just a train ride away. We, however, were being lazy. At 7pm we headed to the airport to board our time traveling machine, I mean, plane. In order to get back to Hawaii we had to cross the international date line. Our flight that took off tonight at 9pm landed this morning at 9am. I’m now living today for the second time.

I wish I could say my time traveling experience was more exciting but my second crack at today includes laundry and a nap. Tomorrow it’s back to work I go!


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