An Airport Worth Visiting 

An Airport Worth Visiting 

There are a fair share of airports I have strong feelings of dislike for (I’ll avoid a connection in Arizona at almost any cost) but today I found an airport I actually like. Changi Airport in Singapore has managed to make the travel experience quite pleasant. With a resort like quality, the airport itself is almost worth visiting.

While waiting for your flight you can visit a variety of displays, statues and gardens including a koi pond, orchid garden, Peranaken exhibition, aviation gallery and more. Children can also enjoy hands on activities, movies and entertainment areas. If you have a long wait, there is a swimming pool (additional charges apply) or a movie theatre. I actually wish we had arrived at the airport earlier. Luke and I only had time for the cactus garden, butterfly garden and Lunar New Year display.

If that weren’t enough, at Changi Airport you don’t go through security until you get to your gate. That’s right, each gate has its own security area which elimates the hastle of the huge line upon arrival. What I’m trying to understand is why other airlines haven’t incorporated this efficient design. It makes going to the airport quite the experience.



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