Friends Around the World 

Friends Around the World 

There are pluses and minuses to having friends in the military. The minus is they are always leaving you. The plus is you have friends around the world. It takes an effort from both parties to make those relationships work; you have distance and time differences against you. But when they do and you finally find yourselves in the same place, it’s like you were never apart. It’s also a plus when they end up in really amazing places and you get to visit. I would probably have never come to Singapore had it not been for these lovely faces. And of all the things we’ve done this trip, it’s the time with them I value most. I am truly blessed by all of the people, near and far, God has placed in my life. I hope you all know who you are.

Of course I wouldn’t trade the other activities either. Today we ate at a hawker stand and adventured around Merlion Park. I love the architecture and art in Singapore. I’ve never seen such unique buildings! I really should have taken more photos.


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