Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens

It is warm in Singapore! We had a whole day planned but come 2:30pm I was ready for some air conditioning and a pool. I have a feeling we’ll be doing a lot less each day than we did in Japan.

If you’re ever in Singapore you must go to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. You could spend hours just wandering around. It’s also free if you’re traveling on a budget. Within the garden is the National Orchid Garden. It’s  S$5 for admission (about $3.56) and completely worth it! Did you know there are an estimated 30,000 different species of orchids? I had no idea! I think my favorite was a green one that looked like a little piggy.


I also learned about pitcher plants. They attract insects with their color and trap them inside their wax covered walls. Once the insect dies it is digested by the plant and the nutrients are absorbed. Seeing unique plants such as this reminds me of how detail-oriented our God is. He even gave them a little hat so they aren’t flooded by rain water.

I could have spent all day at the gardens but we had other place to be. On our way out we passed a field and I couldn’t resist a cartwheel (or 9).



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