An Evening in Shinjuku

An Evening in Shinjuku

After a busy but peaceful day in Asakusa, Luke and I hopped on a train and headed into Shinjuku. Luke’s friend told us this was the place to go for shopping and nightlife. I would say he was correct! The second we stepped out of the train station we were greeted by hoards of people and bright lights. Now this is how I pictured Tokyo. And if you really want to see the lights, just head to the other side of the train tracks (literally) from Shinjuko Station and you can’t miss them. Kabukicho is the red-light district of Tokyo. The streets are filled with neon lights! We also tried to see the giant Godzilla head in the Shinjuku Toho Building but you have to be a hotel guest for access. Oh well!

After gathering our bearings we headed over to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. You can visit the observations decks on the 45th floor at no cost. We were a little surprised that the space was enclosed (we assumed it was an open area) but the views were breathtaking nonetheless. For a Saturday night, the square outside the building was surprisingly still. For just a moment we felt as if we were alone in Tokyo. Of course the dancer in my couldn’t resist an empty stage.

If you are looking for shopping (as I usually am), you’re in luck. Shinjuko Station is neighbored by two major department stores: Odakyu and Keio. We wandered into Keio where I found myself lost in eight floors of shopping bliss. For years I have been looking for a pair of tall boots with no luck. I have scrawny calves and finding boots to fit them properly is almost impossible. I had hoped a trip to Japan would rectify this issue and I was correct! I am now the proud owner of a pair of tan riding boots (which I got for less than $90 I might add).

For dinner we ate at a small sushi stop around the corner from the train station. Dinner was just over $20 and we were both stuffed.

The best part of our day in Asakusa and evening in Shinjuku was all we paid for was food, transportation and shopping. Every single activity we did today was free.


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